Transform the mode of agricultural development and accelerate the development of modern agriculture

Agricultural modernization is the fundamental direction of my country's agricultural development.

Agricultural modernization is the fundamental direction of my country's agricultural development. Since the reform and opening up, especially since the beginning of the new century, my country's modern agricultural construction has made considerable progress, and the level of agricultural modernization has been significantly improved. At present, our country is in a critical period of building a well-off society in an all-round way and accelerating modernization. Accelerating the development of modern agriculture and advancing the construction of agricultural modernization is a major task in reality and history.
(1) As my country's economy has entered a new normal, reforms have entered deep waters, and economic and social development has entered a new stage, the environmental conditions and internal motivations of agricultural development are undergoing profound changes, and the requirements for relying on the transformation of agricultural development methods to promote agricultural modernization are more urgent.
First, to meet the many challenges facing my country's agricultural development, we must accelerate the transformation of agricultural development methods. In recent years, my country’s agricultural modernization has accelerated, but various risks and structural contradictions have also accumulated and gathered. For example, the constraints of tight agricultural resources and the deterioration of the agricultural environment have become increasingly prominent; the challenges of changes in the employment structure of the rural labor force have become increasingly prominent; the problem of structural imbalance in agricultural production has become increasingly prominent; the contradiction between the low comparative efficiency of agriculture and the upside-down of domestic and foreign agricultural product prices has become increasingly prominent. These contradictions and problems may not be temporary phenomena that appear in a short period of time, and they all have obvious phase characteristics. To solve the above-mentioned contradictions and problems, it is necessary to accelerate the transformation of agricultural development methods.
Second, to improve the quality and efficiency of agricultural development, there is an urgent need to accelerate the transformation of agricultural development methods. In recent years, although my country's agriculture has maintained a good momentum of increasing grain and income, the contradictions in quantity and quality, total amount and structure, input and output, cost and benefit, production and environment, current and long-term have also become increasingly prominent. On the whole, the way of agricultural development in our country is still the coexistence of tradition and modernity. Only by accelerating the transformation of the agricultural development mode can the industrial quality, development quality and operating efficiency of agriculture be improved, and agriculture can become a promising and attractive industry.
Third, to accelerate the transformation of the agricultural development mode, we still face rare opportunities and favorable conditions. First, the current sufficient supply of major agricultural products in my country provides a guarantee for accelerating the transformation of agricultural development methods. Second, the comprehensive implementation of the new national food security strategy has left room for accelerating the transformation of the agricultural development mode. The third is the transformation and upgrading of the residents' agricultural product consumption structure, which has added impetus to accelerating the transformation of the agricultural development mode. Fourth, the international agricultural product market is adequately supplied, which provides conditions for accelerating the transformation of agricultural development methods. At present, the supply and demand situation of the global grain market generally exceeds production and the consumption ratio of bulk agricultural products is at the highest level in history. This provides realistic possibilities and operational space for the better overall utilization of two domestic and foreign resources and markets.
(2) To promote the transformation of my country's agricultural development mode, we must persist in taking reform as the driving force, science and technology as the guide, and the rule of law as the guarantee. In this process, it is necessary to scientifically determine the level of self-sufficiency, production priority and regional distribution of major agricultural products based on changes in market demand and the characteristics of resource endowments. Under the premise of ensuring "basic self-sufficiency of grains and absolute security of rations", the planting and breeding structure should be continuously optimized. Product structure, regional structure.
First, we must pay more attention to increasing grain production capacity and tap the potential of grain production. To promote agricultural modernization, we must insist on ensuring national food security as the primary task. On the one hand, stabilizing food production is a prerequisite. We must always tighten the string of food security and hold the rice bowl firmly in our own hands. The most basic and important grains and rations must be preserved. Under this premise, the production of important agricultural products such as cotton oil, sugar and "vegetable baskets" must be coordinated. We must adhere to equal emphasis on quantity, quality and benefit, and achieve more balanced and comprehensive development. On the other hand, increasing grain production capacity is fundamental. We must adhere to the basic requirements of "one stability and two guarantees", stabilize the sown area of ​​grain, especially the sown area of ​​cereals, and protect and mobilize the enthusiasm of farmers in farming and growing grain and the government of the main producing area focusing on agriculture and grain.
Second, we must pay more attention to the quality and safety of agricultural products and improve the level of food quality and safety. Modern agriculture is first of all high-quality and safe agriculture. It is necessary for consumers to eat well and eat safely, and insist on both "producing" and "managing out". On the one hand, vigorously promote standardized production. We must continue to promote standardized production of horticultural crops, standardized large-scale breeding of livestock and poultry, and healthy aquatic breeding, strengthen source governance, standardize production processes, and strive to build a large number of standardized agricultural production bases and well-known brands of agricultural products. On the other hand, constantly strengthen food safety supervision. In accordance with the deployment and requirements of the central government, we must promptly improve the quality and safety standard system and monitoring and evaluation system of agricultural products, start the construction of a traceability management information platform, improve the regulatory agencies and regulatory mechanisms, increase comprehensive law enforcement and special rectification efforts, and comprehensively improve the quality and safety of agricultural products.
Third, we must pay more attention to innovation in agricultural technology and management methods, and promote agricultural efficiency and farmers' income. The first is to promote agricultural technological innovation. Accelerate the selection of new varieties with high and stable yields, high quality and efficiency, promote the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy, strengthen the cultivation of agricultural and rural talents, improve the contribution rate of agricultural scientific and technological progress and the level of agricultural facilities and equipment, and improve agricultural production efficiency and operating benefits. The second is to build a new agricultural management system. Adhere to the basic status of family business, promote the joint development of multiple business methods such as family business, collective business, cooperative business, and corporate business, cultivate new business entities such as large planters, family farms, cooperatives, and leading enterprises, and establish and improve agricultural socialization service system. The third is to develop agricultural operations on a moderate scale. It is necessary to adhere to the development direction of moderate scale operation, promote the orderly and standardized circulation of land management rights, and improve the efficiency of scale operation. The fourth is to improve the efficiency of agricultural product processing and circulation.
Fourth, we must pay more attention to the environmental protection of agricultural resources and achieve sustainable agricultural development. On the one hand, it is necessary to effectively increase the protection of arable land, water, grassland, waters and beaches, resolutely implement the most stringent arable land protection system and intensive land saving system, develop ecological recycling agriculture, and improve resource utilization efficiency. On the other hand, it is necessary to strengthen the management of outstanding problems in the agricultural environment, increase soil and water management, reduce the intensity of agricultural land development and utilization, promote agricultural cost-saving and efficiency-increasing technologies, strictly control the abuse of agricultural inputs, and purify and restore the production environment of agricultural products. .
Fifth, it is necessary to pay more attention to adapting to market demand and resource conditions, and to further promote the adjustment of agricultural structure. The development of modern agriculture must adapt to market changes and meet market demands. It must be based on resource endowments, give full play to comparative advantages, and promote the adjustment of agricultural structure by further optimizing the agricultural regional layout, optimizing the structure of planting and breeding industry, and developing multiple functions of agriculture.
At the same time, more attention should be paid to the use of two markets and two resources to improve the competitiveness of the agricultural market. It is necessary not only to expand the opening up of agriculture to the outside world, but also to focus on building a policy system for opening up agriculture to the outside world. It is necessary to seize the major strategic opportunities of the "Belt and Road" construction and actively participate in international agricultural competition and cooperation.