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Qualification Award

Qualification Award

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Undertake project
pic● national "Tenth Five Year Plan" major science and technology special project "research and development of agricultural products deep processing technology and equipment"
● research on key technology and industrialization of food processing, a major project of the national science and technology support plan in the Eleventh Five Year Plan
● national "deep processing technology demonstration and industrialization project of ordinary corn starch"
● key projects of "agricultural biological manufacturing and food fine processing technology and products" in the national "863" plan
● national "12th Five Year" National Science and technology support plan project "development of common technologies and key equipment for staple food industrialization"
Participating in the formulation of national and industrial standards
● starch fineness determination method
● determination method of starch whiteness
● determination of acidity of starch and its derivatives
● glucose syrup dry matter determination method
● corn gluten meal for feed
● food additive starch acetate
● food additive phosphate double starch
● food additive oxidized starch
● food additive acid treated starch
● food additive acetylated starch phosphate
● food additive hydroxypropyl starch
● food additive hydroxypropyl starch phosphate
● food additive acetylated bisstarch hexanoate
● food additive oxidized hydroxypropyl starch
● food additive octenyl aluminum succinate starch
● food additive phosphorylated starch phosphate
● food additive sodium starch phosphate
● food additive sodium carboxymethyl starch
Shandong science and Technology Progress Award
● 2019 waxy corn series new variety breeding and whole industry chain technology system and Application
● 2016 key technology and application of modified starch for food
● key technologies and industrialization of starch derivatization in 2013
● 2012 study on production process of low viscosity octyl boperate starch ester by oxidation
● 2011 industrialized manufacturing of edible fully degradable food packaging materials
● 2011 study on the production process of globelinic acid starch ester coating adhesive for papermaking
● 2010 National Technical Invention Award for research on semi dry production process of stearic starch
● 2014 creation of new starch derivatives and green manufacturing of traditional starch derivatives
National Technological Invention Award
● 2014 creation of new starch derivatives and green manufacturing of traditional starch line organisms


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