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pic● A new process for producing crystalline inositol by ultrasonic stimulation
● a new process for extracting protein feed from starch wastewater
● new technology of water reuse in corn starch processing
● development of common corn starch deep processing products
● development of high efficiency dry denatured starch reactor
Study on dry production technology of carboxymethyl amphoteric starch
● study on dry production process of H2O2 oxidized starch
● study on dry production process of carboxymethyl starch with high degree of substitution
● study on dry production process of high degree of substitution cationic pulp intensifier for papermaking
● study on dry production process of phosphate starch series products
● study on production technology of starch succinate coating adhesive for papermaking
● study on the production process of low viscosity octenyl globular peroxylate starch ester by oxidation
● study on semi dry production process of Starch Stearate
● study on extrusion blowing technology and action mechanism of starch based edible film
● industrialized manufacturing of edible fully degradable food packaging materials
● hydrophilic modification process based on hydrophobic starch
● one step production process of degradable biological latex
● high temperature resistant and saturated salt resistant starch production process
● purification and utilization process of the last mother liquor of crystalline glucose
● key biochemical technology and industrialization of amylase method
● key technologies for efficient preparation and industrialization of starch derivatives
● study on wastewater treatment process of modified starch production
● key technology and application of modified starch for food


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