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Enterprise's mission:Keep satisfy the demand on well quality,healthy and safe edible starch and its deep processing processing products,improve the advancement on china starch industry and society development ,build a global most competitive starch deep processing enterprise.

Enterprisespirits:Work for the best,pursue the perfect forever.

Enterprisecore values: integrity, innovation, development and dedication.

Enterprisemanagement philosophy:existence upon quality, progress upon science and technology,developing upon product varieties,and benefits from management,manage the enterprise by system,make action criterion by culture.

Enterprisedevelopment philosophy :Deep diversified industrial chain, focusing on leading industry, science and technology advance, step by step to win.

Enterprisecompete philosophy:Tightly grasp the pulse of the market, focus on customer demand, reduce production cost, improve the level of scientific research.

Employment philosophy:all are ability,horse racing instead of appraising horse.

Job style:Quick action,pay attention to efficiency;Unity and pragmatic, fulfill their duties.

Cooperation philosophy:Honest with each other,mutual benefit and win-win results.

Quality philosophy:obligation sure the quality,quality decided to glory.

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