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    Twenty years of trials and hardships, in twenty years time.

    In the cross century magnificent development process, together with the sweat and innovation and burning passion,hard of wisdom. Fight north and south of Zhucheng and development, has becomeAsia's largest starch deep processing R&D and production base, and among the national key high-techenterprises, trademark was identified as "Chinawell-known trademark".

    We are clinging pursuit, we. Zhucheng Xingmao leadership will open new journey to work diligently innovation spirit. In the light of the sun, we're marching on the road to "Work for the best,pursue the perfect forever" spirit of enterprise, adhere to the "integrity,innovation, responsibility and value” the core values, Create a harmonious external connections and internal controlstrict corporate environment, provide positive energyinexhaustible for progress of the company.

    In the times ahead, market is always changing, enterprises is developing., We Grasp the development trend of the times, and beat, we implement the "one industry based, diversified,with strong scientific and technological enterprises" concept of enterprise development, followed the pace of the times,leading the industry tip, do actor strong, urged the company's high quality and sustainable development.

    We always have a grateful heart, it is because of the socialfriends from all walks of life support and love, we have today's achievements and self-confidence, footsteps was there fore more walk more firm, more and more powerful. Here, I sincerely together all the staff of the company, to extend our sincere thanks to all the old and new friends from all walks who give Zhucheng  Xingmao warmly support and friendly cooperation ! And sincerely look forward to working with friends from all walks to care for and support Zhucheng xingmao in the past.

    Our desire for cooperation and win-win situation, to create the world's most competitive starch deep processing enterprisevision, we are required not only to participate in the competition, but also to the pursuit of cooperation with partners, stand together through storm and stress, and seek common development. Please believe, Zhucheng xingmao is not only the friends preferred partner, it is your most reliable friend forever!

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